Diabetic Chocolate Cake Diabetic Chocolate Cake Recipe

When you have all natural sugar-free ingredients like SweetPerfection and ChocoPerfection, you can create healthy cookies, candy, fudge, muffins, cake, brownies, and all the desserts that make life grand. Our goal? A healthier you… using all natural, sugar free ingredients to create delicious desserts that you and your family love.

Low Carb Specialties’ Ultimate Fudge, net carbs 1g, fiber 4g, calories 75

Low Carb Specialties’ Chocolate Chip Cookies, net carbs 4g, fiber 4g, calories 49

Low Carb Specialties’ Crumbly Coffee Cake, net carbs 8g, fiber 7g, calories 85

Low Carb Specialties’ Cinnamon Joy Cookies, net carbs 5g, fiber 6g, calories 51

Low Carb Specialties’ Fudge Brownies, net carbs 6g, fiber 6g, calories 82

Low Carb Specialties’ Cream Cheese Frosting, net carbs 0g, fiber 4g, calories 93

Low Carb Specialties’ Fudge Frosting, net carbs 2g, fiber 8g, calories 88

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